First Baptists Church
of Granite Shoals

A Beacon of God's Love in Central Texas

Your Church Deacons

Terry Knier

Mitch Butler

Danny Williams

Being a deacon for me is about being the servant that God called me to be. I am honored and still, after ten years in November, absolutely amazed that God could and can use me to serve Him. I love being there for those who are in need. My main mission is to lead others to understand what a spiritual relationship with Jesus is.  Most people at least have some knowledge of Jesus or they claim to know Jesus but the question is "does Jesus know them". I just want to introduce others to Jesus so they can experience His love in the same way I have. I love my church and all the congregation and pray that I can let Jesus's light shine through me and that when others see me they will see the love of Jesus. Remember I'm here to help when needed but if I don't know where or what is happening I can't help. Thank you all for the privilege of letting me serve you.

Michael Houck

To me, serving as deacon means humbling myself and meeting God's people at their place of need just as Stephen, Philip and others did.

Doug Morrison

​What serving as a Deacon means to me.
Is serving GOD and the Church.
I love GOD and People and love helping them.
.I know in my heart this is what GOD wants me to do.

Keith Mills

After three days of being a Deacon I’ve seen God at work. So I look forward to seeing God work in our congregations lives and community..