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Hope for the Hopeless PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 18:00

This past week Betty and I visited Scott & White Hospital for a couple of days while Betty was having some issues taken care of. God put us on the top floor therefore, I spent a lot of time in the elevator and came in contact with a lot of people. As I gave out my usual greeting of “How are you today?”, I was amazed at the number of people that would break into tears and would share about the illnesses that had struck their families. Many times in our two day stay, I found myself kneeling in prayer with complete strangers.

Hurt and illness are expected in a place such as that, however, I was amazed at the number of people that had no one to talk to, a total sense of being alone, and an overall feeling of hopelessness. Never did I immediately introduce myself as a pastor, only as a concerned friend. Later I would share my calling with each of them.

The reality of the hoplessness that is found in our world without Jesus is scary and was brought home to me very vividly. It’s amazing how God puts us in places and puts people in our paths…we just have to be receptive to His call. We must remember that many times outreach comes in the form of just showing concern, giving a shoulder to cry on, and letting them know where our strength comes from. Too many times we confine our efforts to our own little church family and we must keep in mind that the lost world lives on the outside.

Betty and I thank our God for our church family and loved ones that care so much for us. All of us have a duty to share the love of Christ that we have found with that outside world.

Thank you God for being our rock and give us courage to let our light shine.

In the love of Jesus,

Bro. Randy


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