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"How Many Apples Are In A Seed?" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bro. Danny L Malcolm   
Wednesday, 22 January 2014 14:19

"You can count the apples on the tree, but who can count the apples in a seed?", goes the old aphorism.  So it is with the influence of a single person.  Take Edward Kimball, for example.  Never heard of him?  I'm not surprised.  Kimball was a faithful Christian who wanted to be used by God.  He was not a pastor or a missionary, but he knew that he should go and share the gospel.  Kimball was a Sunday school teacher who not only prayed for the often-rowdy boys in his class, but also sought to win each one to the Lord.  If Kimball ever felt like giving up, he never talked about it.  But, human nature being what it is, the thought must have come to him more than once.  Kimball felt especially burdened for one young man in particular, named Dwight, who worked in a Chicago shoe store.  Dwight didn't seem to understand what the gospel was about, so Kimball mustered up the courage to go and tell him about Jesus.  He went to the shoe store where Dwight was stocking shelves, and confronted him in the stock room with the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Much to Kimball's delight, Dwight responded and gave his life to Christ.  Dwight later began a preaching ministry, and became known as D. L. Moody, one of the greatest evangelists in church history!  Moody touched two continents for God, with untold thousands coming to faith in Jesus Christ!  But, the story doesn't end there..........


Actually, that's where the story begins!  When Moody was out preaching one day, a man named Frederick Meyer was listening.  Meyer was already a Christian, but Moody's preaching motivated him to enter full-time ministry.  We know him as F. B. Meyer....a tremendous preacher, teacher, and Christian writer.  Once, when Meyer was preaching, a young man named Wilbur Chapman responded and gave his life to Christ.  Chapman felt called to be an evangelist, and later preached to thousands.  One day, a professional baseball player had a day off and attended one of Chapman's meetings, and thus, Billy Sunday was converted!  Sunday quit baseball, and became part of Chapman's team.  Then, Chapman accepted the pastorate of a large church, and Billy Sunday began his own evangelistic crusades.  Are you beginning to understand why you can't count the apples in a seed?

Sunday held a crusade in Charlotte, North Carolina, where many people came to faith.  The people there were so thrilled by his preaching of the Gospel, that they wanted to have another crusade.  Sunday wasn't available, so the Christian businessmen of Charlotte invited an evangelist named Mordecai Ham to speak.  He was a scholarly, dignified gentleman who wasn't above renting a hearse and parading it through the streets advertising his meetings.  When Ham came to Charlotte, a sandy-haired, lanky young man, then in High School, vowed that he wouldn't go hear him preach, Billy Frank, as his family called him, did eventually go.  Ham announced that he knew for a fact that a house of "ill repute" was located across the street from the local high school, and that male students were skipping lunch to visit the house across the street.  When some of those students decided to go to interrupt the meetings of Mordecai Ham, Billy Frank decided to go see what would happen.  That night, he responded to the invitation and was converted.  The Billy Frank that was "saved" that night, we know today as William Franklin Graham....Billy Graham!....the evangelist who has preached the Gospel to more people than any other person who ever lived, including the Aplostle Paul!

So, you see, Kimball reached Moody, who touched Meyer, who reached Chapman, who helped Sunday, who reached the businessmen in Charlotte, who invited Ham, who then touched Billy Graham.  Talk about a legacy.  You may not be a Billy Graham, but you might be an Edward Kimball!  We all have been entrusted with the Gospel.  We all have a part to play.  This fascinating chain of events was triggered by a Sunday school teacher's concern for his boys.

Are you ever tempted to think that what you are doing doesn't count or that nobody pays any attention to you?  How many Sunday school teachers and pastors of small churches wonder if anyone is listening?  The fact is, God doesn't depend upon angels or supernatural beings to spread the "Good News".  He uses ordinary people, and when ordinary people are faithful in doing the simple tasks that God has called them to do, God does extraordinary things through them!  So, next time you are tempted to give up, please remember Edward Kimball, whose persistence and faithfulness was tremendously honored by the Lord!  How different our world might have been if Edward Kimball did not take his Saturday to seek out young Dwight Moody.  Yes, how different!  You can count the apples on a tree, but only God knows how many apples are in a single seed!

As we find in the Bible, the first thing Andrew did, when he met Jesus, was go and find his brother Simon (Peter) and tell him, "We have found the Messiah" (that is, the Christ!).  Then he brought him to Jesus (John 1:41-42)!  And in Luke 19, Jesus uses a parable to simply teach us that we are to take this message that He has entrusted to us and get it out to others; i.e. "Do (my) business (occupy) until I return!"

It comes down to this:  Some people will set the world on fire, while others are still looking for a match!  One day, when you stand before God, He will want to know what you did with this sacred charge of the Gospel.  You have been entrusted with the Gospel, and He has said, "Do (my) business until I come!"  What are you doing?

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