First Baptists Church
of Granite Shoals

A Beacon of God's Love in Central Texas

Your Church Deacons

Terry Knier
[email protected]

​What serving as a Deacon means to me.
Is serving GOD and the Church.
I love GOD and People and love helping them.
.I know in my heart this is what GOD wants me to do.

Doug Morrison
[email protected]


Being a deacon for me is about being the servant that God
called me to be. I am honored and still, after ten years in November,
absolutely amazed that God could and can use me to serve Him.
I love being there for those who are in need. My main mission is to lead others to understand what a spiritual relationship with Jesus is.  Most people at least have some knowledge of Jesus or they claim to know Jesus but the question is "does Jesus know them". I just want to introduce others to Jesus so they can experience His love in the same way I have. I love my church and all the congregation and pray that I can let Jesus's light shine through me and that when others see me they will see the love of Jesus. Remember I'm here to help when needed but if I don't know where or what is happening I can't help. Thank you all for the privilege of letting me serve you.

Danny Williams
[email protected]
After three days of being a Deacon I’ve seen God at work.
So I look forward to seeing God work in our congregations
lives and community..
Keith Mills
[email protected]